Security Guard Gets Pit Bulls Set on Him

Security Guard Gets Pit Bulls Set on Him

Pup mauled and security guards attacked at the shopping center

Some animal owners should not be allowed to ask, but nobody can keep the animals away until something fails.


I was in a Western shopping district center known for its anti-social problems as a retail shopping guard. These young people are generally aged between 8 and 14 years and meet in groups of 20, while the shops threaten people and are usually tough.


As is always, there was a regular group and I knew most of them. For some time they weren’t around and I was interested in knowing why. This particular type of thing can influence yours, because it could be the signs of band war, turf conflict, or maybe a group that will soon become bigger.


Scream and panic


I watched a female customer ran to me screaming for help 1 Day around the outside car park. I’ve seen her lots of blood. She told me a team had placed 2 box-bull dogs in the center on a German Shepard.


I radiated control and asked for retrieval.


Go into the run and shout

I worked alone during the afternoon but was wearing a direct baton in that shopping center with a revolver. As I said, it occasionally caused some trouble.


I acknowledged that in a circle of around 2 pit bulls a German Shepard was attacking. All of them laughed. I was looking for the leader as well as seeing an elderly male I didn’t recognize. His dogs were because I could see the planks in his hand.


Some other clients cried and vomited.


Shepard of Germany


It belonged to a sixteen-year-old woman who had hysterical blood when she tried to fix her dog. All along the tiles and some on the nearby walls, I could blood. There were pieces of skin and hair matted on the floor because the flesh of the flesh had torn away bulls.


I noticed my approach


As the group approached me, the older male saw me and warned me. He just laughed and turned my way to give his dogs a verbal order to attack me.


I was effective with trained security dogs of several kinds, and worked in all my services with drug and bomb dogs. Every dog is not fond of attacking Alpha Dogs and nature gives them guidelines to live by. These rules cover most of the workouts.


Now I would be on a mission


I didn’t know who this male was, but it was my task to make sure he was responsible for his crimes and I took my path to the dogs with one quickstep, I punched the original fell-bull in the nose while it sprung to me and sent it to its handler, howling.


Then the next pit bull was a little slower, and when he attacked me, I would get my baton out. I snapped into his jaw a quick strike and knocked out the dog without much harm. A pain overload strike, basically. I live my life with this male, and for what he has done, all animals are arrested.


The elderly male screamed that the group hit me, seeing that his dogs were of no use to him.


Adoration of the Hero


I could see that this older male was the leader of some type of hero worship, and the younger males also wanted to play in the big ligas now. I began to directly push my way through them and to him.


I have placed the old man in a lot of pain with 2 strikes of my baton on his thighs. He cried and sang. He cried. The younger males tried to attack me on the ground and I would find it very difficult to contain the older male.


Support will soon suffice


I felt another male join and give me a hand in reinforcing him as I was wrestling on the floor trying to contain him. The younger men ran away when the police heard sirens come.


The police entered and assisted in the arrest and organization of a vet for the animals.


I don’t know my boss


During the ambulance, my security boss arrived at me and was anxious to say the least while I was making my statement to the Police. I would have used that as a revolver to shoot the dogs. I didn’t like anything, since they might have killed me. He started yelling at me.

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The police officers in the vicinity were very serious and closer to us in our conversation.


It was a silly suggestion to release a firearm in a shopping center with 2 groups of people moving around. I told the boss of mine. I also told him I was a firearms expert and would not have tried to shoot two moving dogs at a distance of five metres.


I decided it’s not a dog’s fault attacking me that a baton was sufficient.


I’m fired because I didn’t shoot the dogs, he told me.


Police are better informed


Then the police came and told my boss that he was stupid. I would have killed a person if I fired my weapon inside the center and I would have decided the right thing. The police praised my work and over the years I have been working with them.


My boss re-thought me, but I said no. I’m not working for jerky people.


The last thing I heard, since he tried to arrest a criminal with a crowbar, he was bitten by his ring finger. The criminal was in the garden at that time, under ten meters away, under a roller shutter, noticing that the old mine boss fired more than twelve shot but did not hit the criminal.


The criminal is gone.

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